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The SD Taco Factory

Bars and Buffets

Definite crowd pleasers! This is what we are known for; using high quality ingredients resulting in the freshest tasting food anywhere

Taco Bar (Price 10.99)

Our best seller! 2 tacos per person and is served with Factory Rice, Beans and Chips Toppings include Lettuce, Cheese, Green Chile, Red Chile, Pico de Gallo and Crema

The Fajita Bar (Price 11.99)

When you can't decide, our Fajita Bar is always a winner! Protein, Beans, Rice, Chips, Spicy Red, Mild Green, Lettuce, Cheese, Pico de Gallo and Mexican Crema with 2 Tortillas per person

Ultimate Fajita Bar (Price 15.99)

All a fajita can be! Carne Asada, Pollo and Grilled Shrimp with all the trimmings! Served with 2 Tortillas per person, Rice, choice of Beans, Lettuce, Cheese, Spicy Red Chile, Mild Green Chile, Mexican Crema and Pico de Gallo

Taco Salad Buffet (Price 10.99)

Our 12 inch crispy fried Taco Shell. Served with Protein, choice of Beans, Lettuce, Cheese, Cheese, Spicy Red Chile, Mild Green Chile, Fresh Pico de Gallo and Mexican Crema. Add Guacamole for 1.50 per person!

Ceviche Tostada Bar (Price 9.99)

Classic Ceviche. Plump Shrimp, and Flaked Cod Filet with Tomato, Onion, Garlic, Avocado, Radish and Cucumber in a tangy cold sauce. Delicious! For the true flavor, add Pulpo (Baby Octopus) 8 oz per person and served with Crackers and of course, CRISPY TOSTADA SHELLS


Our starters are fresh and hot. They are the perfect start to your meal.


(Half Pan (15-20 pp) 29.99) (Full Pan (25-30 pp) 59.99)

Our Marinated and Grilled Chicken rolled in Flour Tortillas fries crispy. Served with Chile

Fresh Salads

Our Salads are made just for you and never the day ahead. With a variety to choose from, we are sure you will find one (or two) that fits your taste. If not, just ask, we can build a custom for you

Factory House Salad

(Half Pan (15 - 20 pp) 22.99) (Full Pan (25 - 35 pp) 44.99)

Crisp Romaine, Spring Mix, Carrot, Guajillo Corn, Cucumber, fresh Tomato and Colby Jack cheese.

Adobo Veggie Salad

(Half Pan (15 - 20 pp) 24.99) (Full Pan (25 - 35 pp) 49.99)

Crisp Romaine, Spring Mix, Cucumber, Tomato and a medley of Broccoli, Cauliflower, Squash, Zucchini and Carrot generously seasoned with our Rosemary Garlic Adobo Seasoning and White Wine

Baja Chicken Cobb Salad

(Half Pan (15 - 20 pp) 26.99) (Full Pan (25 - 35 pp) 52.99)

Crisp Romaine, Spring Mix, grilled and marinated Pollo, Queso Fresco, Colby Jack Cheese, mild Green Chilies, Sliced Egg, Crispy Bacon, Pico De Gallo, Fresh Avocado, Cucumber and Red Onion.

Chicken Fajita Salad

(Half Pan (15 - 20 pp) 26.99) (Full Pan (25 - 35 pp) 52.99)

Crisp Romaine, Spring Mix, sautéed fajita veggies, and grilled Pollo. Topped with Colby cheese, Pico De Gallo, Cucumber, Carrots, Mild Green Chilies and queso fresco.

Latin Chef Salad

(Half Pan (15 - 20 pp) 26.99) (Full Pan (25 - 35 pp) 52.99)

Crisp Romaine, Spring Mix, Carrots, Pico De Gallo, Colby Cheese Queso Fresco, Ham, Turkey, Mild Green Chilies, Egg, Crisp Bacon, Black Olive and Fresh Guacamole


Finish off your meal with any of our fresh sides or add a little extra of your favorite to really customize the meal

Black Beans

(Half Pan (15-20 pp) 19.99) (Full Pan (25-30 pp) 38.99)

Our delicious fresh gently spiced Vegetarian Black Beans. Garnished with Queso Cotija and Chopped Cilantro

Pinto Beans

(Half Pan (15-20 pp) 19.99) (Full Pan (25-30 pp) 38.99)

Freshly prepared Pinto Beans. (Contains Pork). Garnished with Queso and Diced Onion

Charro Beans

(Half Pan (15-20 pp) 21.99) (Full Pan (25-30 pp) 42.99)

Topped with queso fresco flavored with crisp bacon, garlic, tomatoes, green chiles, jalapeños, cilantro, and spices.

Borracho Beans

(Half Pan (15-20 pp) 21.99) (Full Pan (25-30 pp) 42.99)

Topped with queso fresco and cotija, cilantro and red onion flavored with mexican beer, crisp bacon, garlic, tomatoes, green chiles, jalapeños and spices.

Ranchero Beans

(Half Pan (15-20 pp) 21.99) (Full Pan (25-30 pp) 42.99)

Pinto Beans topped with queso fresco, mild green chilies, sliced red onion, diced red bell pepper.

Guajillo Corn

(Half Pan (15-20 pp) 22.99) (Full Pan (25-30 pp) 44.99)

Super sweet corn with spices, honey and mild Guajillo chilies. A best seller!

Nopales Salad

(Half Pan (15-20 pp) 32.99) (Full Pan (25-30 pp) 42.99)

Pear cactus, red onion, scallion, tomato, cilantro, garlic, cucumber, mild green chile, lime and spice. Served with chips.


(Half Pan (15-20 pp) 19.99) (Full Pan (25-30 pp) 39.99)

Hand made right before your order.

Soups and Chowders

Our Soups and Chowders are made just for your order using the freshest ingredients. Minimum of 10 per

Chicken Tortilla Chowder

(8 oz 3.89) (12 oz 5.59)

Our best seller! Grilled chicken in a hearty creamy chowder with fresh veggies, mild green chilies and spices. Minimum of 10 needed

Caldo de Pollo

(8 oz 3.59) (12 oz 5.29)

Chicken drumsticks with cauliflower, chayote, celery, carrot, onion, garlic, squash, zucchini and spices in a flavorful chicken broth. Minimum of 10 needed


(8 oz 3.89) (12 oz 5.59)

Yes! True blue authentic pozole! Pork shoulder with espinazo and hominy. Served with Shredded Cabbage, Diced Onion, Fresh Lime and Chile Minimum of 10 needed


(8 oz 3.89) (12 oz 5.59)

Try this classic!! Fideo noodles with our pollo oaxaca with mild spices and green chilies. Our best creation yet! Served with your choice of Chile Minimum of 10 needed


Our handmade Tamales cannot be beat. Prepared just for your order using our secret recipes for the fillings, they are sure to please. Served with Green and Yellow Chilies, Crema, Pico, Fresh Onion and Cilantro


(50 125.00) (100 250.00) (150 375.00) (200 500.00) (250 625.00) (300 750.00)

So good, so true and so Authentic, it is in a category unto itself.

A la Carte

Not sure what to get? How about a little of everything. Now you can with a la carte!


(Half Pan (10-15 pp) 29.99) (Full Pan (20-30 pp) 59.99)

Crispy pan fried corn tortillas stuffed with your choice of protein and cheese. Topped with Lettuce, Tomato, Queso Fresco, Crema and Chile


(Half Pan (10-15 pp) 29.99) (Full Pan (20-30 pp) 59.99)

Our version of Enchiladas except much better. Soft flour Tortillas stuffed with protein and cheese sauced with our hand made mole. Topped with Queso Fresco, Cream, Chile and Pico


(Half Pan (10-15 pp) 29.99) (Full Pan (20-30 pp) 59.99)

Our whopping 14" Tortillas stuffed plum full of Cheese. Optional Pollo is available


(Half Pan (10-15 pp) 24.99) (Full Pan (20-30 pp) 49.99)

Fried Masa shells with pinto beans, protein, lettuce and tomato, queso fresco and chile.


We offer 2 Liter Bottles of your favorite soda. From Coke and Pepsi to Cream Soda. Let us know what your favorite soda is

2 Liter Bottle

(Price 2.50)

2 Liter bottle of soda. Served with cups

Bottled Water

(Price 1.00)

Nestle Bottled Spring Water

Entree Plates

Our most popular dishes are now available in Entree meals. All Entrees come with Factory Rice, Beans and Chips. Minimum of 10 per selection. Lunch and Dinner sizes available

1 Protein Entree

(Lunch Portion (5 oz) 11.99) (Dinner Portion (8 oz) 14.99)

Choose one of our tantalizing Proteins

2 Protein Entree

(Lunch Portion (5 oz) 14.99) (Dinner Portion (8 oz) 16.99)

Choose two of our Proteins for your Entree


Our desserts are made in house fresh for your order.


(Half Pan (15-20)/Small Platter 15 EA 19.99) (Full Pan (20-30)/Large Platter 30 EA 39.99)

Crispy fried and dusted with our Cinnamon Sugar. Served with an Agave Honey Drizzle Half Pan or Full Pan options

Cookie Platter

(Half Pan (15-20)/Small Platter 15 EA 16.99) (Full Pan (20-30)/Large Platter 30 EA 32.99)

Our freshly baked Chocolate Chip Cookies are a must try!

Ganache Drenched Brownie Platter

(Half Pan (15-20)/Small Platter 15 EA 25.99) (Full Pan (20-30)/Large Platter 30 EA 54.99)

Our fresh baked fudge Brownies are drenched in house Ganache then topped with Vanilla Anglaise

Assorted Dessert Platter

(Half Pan (15-20)/Small Platter 15 EA 25.99) (Full Pan (20-30)/Large Platter 30 EA 54.99)

An Assortment of all of our desserts. Freshly baked cookies, Ganache drenched Brownies, S mores Brownies and Sopapillas

Smores Brownies

(Half Pan (15-20)/Small Platter 15 EA 25.99) (Full Pan (20-30)/Large Platter 30 EA 54.99)

Our Chocolate Brownies with Graham Crackers, Marshmallows, Caramel and Chocolate Ganache

Factory Crazy Brownies

(Half Pan (15-20)/Small Platter 15 EA 27.99) (Full Pan (20-30)/Large Platter 30 EA 56.99)

We add your choice of popular candy to our Ganache Drenched Brownies! Why not? Pick and choose!

Authentic Street Foods / Lunchboxes

From Tortas to Tlayaudas, get it Solo or in a Lunchbox (comes with a side, freshly baked Cookie and a can of soda)


(Item solo 6.99) (Lunchbox 9.99)

Mexican sandwiches on Mexican Bolillo bread with mayo, lettuce, tomato, pinto beans, protein and tangy guacamole then grilled.

The SD Pasta Forge

Catering Packages

Convenient point and click order your way to delicious items that are made just before delivery. All Real, All Fresh, All Very Good! Lunch and Dinner sizes available

Package One

(Lunch 11.99) (Dinner 13.99)

Includes one Entree, one side, side salad and a dessert.

Package Two

(Lunch 14.99) (Dinner 16.99)

Includes One Protein Entree, one pasta Entree and one side

Package Three

(Lunch 18.99) (Dinner 20.99)

Choice of Two Entrees, Two Sides and Dessert


Try any of our hand prepared dishes as a kick off to your meal


We take pride in our freshly prepared Soups and Chowders. Made daily and order specific. Served with a fresh garlic butter Breadstick


From Chicken and Beef to wild game, there are plenty of options but all are hand made with real ingredients. Fresh is our key word


(Lunch 4.99) (Dinner 6.99)

Our Chicken is prepared just for your order and not ahead of time. Choose your preperation


Specifically prepared just before delivery and with a variety of options to fit any event

Grilled Chicken Caesar

(Half Pan 33.99) (Full Pan 65.99)

Our marinated and grilled Chicken over Crisp Romaine with slivered Red Onion, shaved Parmesan Cheese and Croutons

The Forge House Salad

(Half Pan 25.99) (Full Pan 45.99)

Crisp Romaine and Mesclun Mix with diced Cucumber, Red Onion, Plump Tomato, Slivered Carrots and Croutons

Napa Caliofornia Chicken Salad

(Half Pan 33.99) (Full Pan 65.99)

Napa Cabbage, Spring Mix, Crisp Romaine topped with Carrots, slivered Red Onion, Fresh Avocado, sliced Strawberry, Blueberry, Mandarin Orange and Goat Cheese with marinated and Grilled Chicken

Italian Honey Grilled Salmon Salad

(Half Pan 42.99) (Full Pan 79.99)

Honey glazes grilled Salmon over Crisp Romaine and Spring Mix with grilled Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, Red Onion, Sliced Cucumber and Goat Cheese


From our hand dipped Ganache Brownies to our hand piped cannoli, it's all here to end your delicious meal on a high note!


Choose from any of our Side dishes that are made just for you!


From Pepsi to Coca Cola... Choose a mix, up to you!

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